Thursday, 22 November 2012

Back again - misc

At this time of year you can get this outfall into a sunset shot (La Mare, Greve d'Azette).
A now bare and tree-less Victoria Cottage Homes sees the newly replaced grass starting to take hold.
Down Wellington Road, De La Salle now sports brand new gates with the school crest looking smart...
... that figure has an oddly small head!
At the bottom of the hill, a shop now closed and boarded up.
Another school hill, and the smashed wall has been repaired.
Coming soon - TGI Fridays to enhance the waterfront.
How many great holidays began with a trip down Jersey's first Roll-On-Roll-Off ferry ramp at Albert Pier?
... it's going to be removed and the gap in the marina wall filled in.
... a better look at that container ship.
There has been building work for ages now on the coast road, I couldn't remember what used to be there...
... Google Streetview to the rescue!
New : Clos de (la) Charriere at the start of Plat Douet Rd, near La Grande Charriere slip...
Should it be Clos de la Charriere rather than de Charriere? The 'la' or 'le' (contracted to 'du') seems to apply to nouns (e.g. Clos de la Gare, Clos de la Bataille, Clos de la Fontaine) and they're naming this after La Charriere (the slipway - noun) rather than a name like Clos de Patier, Clos de Balmain, Clos de Mon Sejour, Clos de Maitland, etc.
Now there's a job that calls for a good head for heights! (Castle Street if you haven't been around since the 80s and don't recognise it!)
.. and to the left, the current state of the Esplanade with the latest office block complete (former Swanson's Hotel site).
Another before-and-after... the CoOp in Burrard/DonSt looks fairly nice IMHO here in Streetview, but in reality used to look a bit dark and gloomy...
.. it's now brighter and cheerful with new roof and upper windows.
A new church car-park underway in St.Mary, using part of a field over the road from the school and parish hall...
.. with a new gap in the graveyard wall. Hopefully this much needed facility will prevent congestion from all the on-street parking on the main road when the church is busy.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why they are removing the ramp at Albert Pier?

James said...

Tom, absolutely no idea, but it seems a crazy thing to be doing as ambulances currently reverse down it to meet the lifeboat where the need arises.

In the future patients will have to be carried a substantial distance by a couple of paramedics. Either that or the lifeboat will meet an ambulance, when necessary, at the Fishermen's Quay at La Collette?

James said...

Yet another great set of photos.

The new gates at De La Salle look great.

Totally agree with you, the head on the statue is too small and not in proportion to the rest of the statue.

Have you taken photos previously of the Victorian sewer vents, like the one on College Hill? There are several around at Grands Vaux, St Saviour's School, Ghost Hill at St Aubin, for example. The one in the photo could do with a lick of paint. Would look good in red and gold like the recently painted post boxes!

Love the look of the new flats at Millard's Corner, and the new look Co-Op is better than the red brick original.

Great work, look forward to seeing your next batch of photos.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Tom, James, good to hear from viewers :)
I'll have to track down the other vents, thanks for the idea.

Justin Di Marco said...

Beautiful photos! you're a very talented photographer that's for sure. I'm wondering, do you ever take pictures of Jersey Bars or other businesses? I'm looking to open something up soon and I would need photographs for the website.

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you very much Justin, I'm afraid this crapaud keeps a low profile and doesn't do any work that would involve revealing my identity :)

I wish you well with your bar and website, maybe I'll take some shots anyway once it's open, but that's probably too late for the website?

Tom (commented above) knows his way around a camera, maybe he'd like the job?

Thanks, all the best, have a great Christmas