Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Misc - What's New

testing caption 1
 I hadn't realised the airport had moved. Runway 09 is a lot shorter than I remember.
testing caption 2
 Ah... the right way up, the 60th commemoration (slightly devaluing the Victory one from the occupation at the other end of the square) unveiled by Prince Charles last week...
... as his ancestor looked on.
 The Market Fountain tarted up for the Royal Visit.
Talking of princes, what used to be Prince's Hotel many years ago has changed its name from "Wack's Bar" (with an Andy Capp picture on the sign) back to Prince's.
 Someone's had a smashing time on College Hill...
 I can't think of any good reason to open it up, so I can only imagine it was accidental.

 Caught the accredited media doing an interview :)
 Another catering outlet-on-wheels at the Five Mile Road - this time at the Square Fort...
 .. closer. There's a planning application for another at La Pulente too.
 Hooray for Summer!
 And finally, I caught a secret squirrel.

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Anonymous said...

I was so taken aback by the gaudiness of the granite "feature" that I wrote a comment to Channelonline accusing the island of becoming more and more a pastiche of itself. I suggested that jersey went the whole hog and became a theme park since it was marginally smaller than Disneyworld.
The comment didn't get printed. However it looks from your picture as if someone has made a more direct critique!