Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Around the Chateau

Some shots taken recently around the old 'Chateau Plaisir' on the 5 mile road. As usual, leaving a comment (it's not difficult) is the best way to show me I'm not wasting my time :)

 Not getting a lot of use any more.
 A new kiosk this year, good luck to them.
 On the south side, I always assumed the 'Bars Open' sign was a relic but was surprised to find that it is indeed a functioning watering hole (or until they bulldoze the lot and built luxury houses here - as planned).
 Bit misty that day.
 We get a higher class of weeds in Jersey :)
 I've seen a couple of these spotty fellas year, no idea what they are.
 Beach, anyone?
 Nobody staying at the Barge on a nice day, what a waste.
 Might as well record this view before it goes...
 .. closer.
 Old war stuff.
 Probably one of the most exotic locations for a phone box in the British Isles.
 Looking towards L'Etacq.
 .. closer.
 .. and the other way, with La Rocco Tower in the distance.
 Looking up at Lewis Tower...
 .. a more conventional perspective.
 Straight road.
 That's all for now.
I'm not completely happy with Blogspot's changes to how I do all this. It's easier to upload photos, but I don't like the viewing gadget rather than simple links to the photos. It's a pain to resize them and left justify them one by one, even though the Div tags now solves the problem of vertical spacing which used to make my blog pages messy.

And it's a right old pain to re-order the pics, and keep the text on the right, sometime I just have to dig into the HTML view and sort it out in the code in there, which is time consuming and ****ing annoying!
So don't be surprised if I leave it a while now... I'm busy with other interests at the moment too :)
Have a great summer, if I go quiet for a bit!


Anonymous said...

Disable the viewing gadget in Settings/Posts and comments/Showcase images with Lightbox (switch to 'No').

I found captioning easier than left- or center-justifying images, the word wrapping sometimes gives bizarre results. If you still prefer it, try the 'Break and clear' HTML commands as a workaround (you'll have to Google it as pasting them won't work correctly in a comment). Good on ya for digging into the code, it's often easier than trying to learn how the editor works.

Thanks for the pictures and have a fun Summer. Hope some other readers comment, I know you are getting the traffic because I see them steadily coming to my site from here...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your summer!

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks :)

Nick Palmer said...

Re: "spotty fellas"

It looks like a Cream-spot Tiger (Epicallia villica) but it's a bit North of where it mostly lives (Southern Europe).

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Nick, always good to hear from the experts!

mike freeman said...

have a good Sumer-your site is building up a great archive-we forget how quickly things change thanks for sharing your photos

Simon B said...

I love looking at the pictures and wish I was there. Agreed that most of the changes you show are not for the best, but its still a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up, look forward to seeing each new batch of photos. You've got a real talent for taking cracking photos, don't waste it. Hope to see more photos soon. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

A shame nobody could save this place and turn it into another 'Watersplash'