Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Crapaudvision : 'P1 Superstock Powerboat racing'

Bored of still photos for the time being, I've gone back to video :)


What do you prefer, video or photos?


Anonymous said...

Good to see a new post from you. I am happy to see pictures or video, I visit every other year and its interesting to see how things change (not for good in many cases).

Anonymous said...

Cute helo! As for photo v. video, I do not mind, so long as you post about your beautiful island! Nice you see you back again!

H(long time lurker)

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks for the support, much appreciated. I aim to do a bit more video stuff soon.

wobblybean said...

Great to see you back! Video or still both will keep me happy!! Visited in April and saw a lot of the changes you have shown us and not very happy about some of them, spoiling the Island, but will still come back!!