Wednesday, 3 February 2010

La Rocque

More pics from over a year ago - this time La Rocque at the island's South East corner.

.. closer.

The way to the pier.

Tower (privately owned) - the pink house is now far more garishly coloured - must take a new pic one day.

Not keen on this one.

- or this.

A riot of colour

This looked great on the camera. Pity it doesn't here :)


wobblybean said...

You think they are not good, I think they are! They show how things are on a day to day basis. Not posed or contrived, just natural. These things are there and that is that. So thank you for being there! Look forward to seeing more pics in the future...PLEEEEASE!!! A.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks as always :)
I shall be a bit quiet for a bit as I'm facing computer problems - amongst many others. Many MANY problems, LOL
Hopefully Life will get back on track before too long.