Monday, 21 September 2009

Back to pics again... misc...

Video is all well and good but photography is so much easier - you only have to hold the camera still for a brief moment and all sorts of mistakes can be corrected to some degree, later. So here we are, I'm not giving up the photos... here's another load of stuff that caught my eye in recent weeks...

Into the harbour

The Duke of Normandy states tug, Jersey Coastguard...

.. closer.

The sun was from the right angle to light up inside the yacht club and let us see in.

The old abbatoir area, through a load of masts.

Their plans for that 'island site' look interesting, an eating area on top of the old loos looks to provide pleasant views but hold on - where has the Liberation Square statue gone? Are they going to move it?

On the Esplanade, lit by sunset

Just playing with close-up :)

Elegant building by the town church

St.Aubin's Bay, First Tower area ...

Fancy a walk on the green?

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wobblybean said...

Sorry not posted much recently but with holiday and son;s weddng been a bti busy, but now have caught up with your posts. They are very good and certainly remind me of our recent visit to the island. We ahd a super time and can;t wait to get back next year. Just keep giving us the pics we want!!!