Wednesday, 19 August 2009


The lighthouse. Not the ideal light for this shot, but never mind :)

There's a radar there now that they don't have Jersey Radio keeping a watch from the German tower on the cliffs.

Some people were enjoying a tour, with their white gloves on to protect the brass.

.. another close-up from a different angle.

The causeway looks like a fair walk but it's only really as far as King St and half of Queen St - from Boots to WHS :o)

The old railway station house - at the end of the line - is now a glass monstrosity.

La Rocco Tower

More of the causeway in the evening light...

.. along the way.

Rockpools! Reflections! Cannot resist!

Sunset! Cannot resist!

There's actually enough sand here to make for a good trip to the beach.

Quite busy that evening.

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