Friday, 28 December 2012

Mad plan to waste £400,000 spoiling old harbours

 To join up the cycle paths from La Collette to Commercial buildings, the plan - now backed by a Roads Committee with a history of absurd anti-car-ism - will see the 'English' and 'French' harbours eaten into, to widen the road and include a dedicated cycle path - if Planning agree.

They say "The granite work would be in the same style as the existing walls, but all the existing granite and slipway cobbles would be left intact behind and beneath the new structures."

I don't believe they'll get it to look authentic, and I think it would spoil the look of these old harbours and slipways. Maybe not so much this one by South Pier ...

 .. but definitely this one. And look - there's a wide enough pavement on the wall side of the road that only gets used because there isn't a pavement on the water side.

So why not scrap the existing pavement, move the road over, and have a shared pavement and cycle path on the harbour side? A zebra crossing could allow access to the steps up to Pier Rd, it's not as if it would see any major use and hold up the traffic. Much cheaper to swap the road and pavement over than to spoil the old granite work!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Rozel landslip destroys old beach hut

 There has been a row of beach huts here for many years. See the blue one?...
 .. too much rain lately, and...
.. now there's a sad gap along the pier.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

On the buses

 So it's Goodbye to these buses...
 .. and I assume this depot at La Collette will change hands too...
 .. as Connex say Farewell, to be replaced by LibertyBus on 2 Jan 2013.
 There are rows and rows of buses down there.
I've lost count how many of my shots are as ugly as... the back of a bus :)
 And here's what we'll be seeing next year - not all that keen on the lumpy front and that huge expanse of glass.
 Back isn't much better either.
 And there are smaller ones too...
.. thanks to my roving reporter for these two shots.

Well, Good Luck to the new operator - CT Plus, I hope the service turns out to be a credit to the island.