Monday, 30 November 2009

Changes at Devil's Hole

Here are some pics from mid August that I've been sitting on for a while, but I might as well publish them while I decide whether to carry on with blogging my pics. There are a number of reasons for a lack of motivation recently. The audience isn't exactly massive (although a small number of very appreciative supporters certainly helps) and a lack of feedback is discouraging, I've been more keen on playing with HD video lately, still haven't sorted out an RSS feeds problem which is annoying me, and it looks like some proposed change to the Data Protection Law here may force me to give up if I can't be anonymous any more. In addition, my personal life has reached a level of stress that I'm only just managing to cope with, with no clearly visible light at the end of the tunnel that I could be reasonably sure isn't an oncoming train :)

Plus, I'm finding that I've photographed so much of the island that it's really hard to find inspiration for photo-missions any more.

It also hasn't helped that the weather has been appalling for my kind of photography for what seems like months, and I have become fussy about 'quality of light' as they say. A lot of this summer seemed to be very hazy, with poor visibilty to the distance - for a zoom lens enthusiast like myself that's a bit limiting.

Anyhow, I haven't given up yet, and I've quite a few collections of video clips from various days out that I've yet to edit together, so when time permits.... there should be more yet from this crapaud!

Ample parking at the Devil's Hole pub "The Priory Inn"...

Not far down the path, the pond (and view of the statue) needs a bit of maintenance.

That's a new bridge...

.. and over the other side of the hole...

.. a reduced size viewing area...

.. with new platform.

New fencing (small coastal viewing area removed, to my annoyance) and revamped rest area.

View looking to the west

Access Denied

Back in the days before 'elf-n-safety' when people were willing to be responsible for their own actions, there were a number of routes down into the hole over the years. I guess I'll have to learn rock climbing rope skills if I ever want to get down there now.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Crapaudvision - Archirondel Cottage and bunker

A look around an old cottage at Archirondel on Jersey's east coast in St.Catherine's Bay. The property has been government owned for decades and rented out as social housing, but is now being sold on the open market. This is our last chance to have a look around and see the old WWII bunker in the garden, built by the German forces during the island's wartime occupation.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Does care any more?

See for one of the reasons why it has been a bit quiet here lately.

Yes, it has reached the stage where I just had to moan about it :)