Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hello Again

It's been a while since I last posted (April) so it's time to catch up. Thanks for all the comments I received (all one of them!), asking when I'd be back. I'm glad to report that Google have sorted out the image upload bug that was making posting here far more tedious than it should be.

Before I post collections of pics on specific topics, let's cover the usual Misc first...

The most recent and newsworthy first - the old Jeffery's Leap tearooms have been demolished...
 .. won't be long before picturesque old Anne Port is defiled by a modern monstrosity.

The Chateau has been torn down too.
 I did enjoy the dual Lancaster spectacle...
 .. two of these did look rather good, even on the ground.

 The Red Arrows were wonderful as always...
 .. pictured here a day or two after the display.

Norman's had a temporary improvement of their hideous attention seeking yellow buildings, but this has been removed since.

On St. Martin's Village Green, a cafe is going up, to replace the one on the main road that has closed...
.. always good to find a new footpath, there's a way through from that green to the little carpark by the St.John's Ambo building.

A road was named this year after an airman who crashed nearby back in the war...
 .. closer.
 .. and another at the other end of the short lane, off 'hydrangea avenue'.
 A 'percentage for art' piece at the new development opposite Grainville playing fields, St.Saviour.
That's certainly one way to make a point! :)

The Normandie 3 power cable came ashore this summer...

 .. heading ashore along the footpath at Longbeach.

Nearby at Gorey Village, during that pleasant walk.

 The tower at Corbiere was open for a look around this year, so we couldn't resist another peek. Here's the view over the 5 Mile Beach.
 .. and the interior up top.

The roads at the Elizabeth harbour have been slightly rerouted, and the carpark near the shore has been removed. There's now just a narrow path with an unsightly view of a trailer park through the hideous fence for our visitors to enjoy if they walk between the ferry terminals. 

Still, the harbour area is still a great place for a walk. If you head down along the wall to the south of the marina here...

.. you reach a wide open area with benches, an artwork that is supposed to rise and fall with the tide, and good views of the castle and the marina entrance. Worth a visit if you've never ventured down here before.

Before you set off, there's an artwork to enjoy between the two Castle Quay blocks - The Wing...

 .. closer.
 On a Sunny evening, it's really rather nice down here, despite the general grotty nature of the area just inland.
 I've seen worse!

Some coastal views to finish off, starting with the 5 Mile Beach from the other end. Taken from Les Landes, just a little walk away from the bunkers up there.
Talking of bunkers, there's a sprinkling of German structures to visit at Le Pulec, near La Voƻte ("vault") Guardhouse (which has a sign saying "La Votte" - is there discussion to be had about that?).

The bunker at Les Havres, L'Etacq, at high tide.

Another coastal defensive position, La Crete fort between Bonne Nuit and Giffard Bays...
.. closer.

A ruin at Flicquet caught my eye from St.Catherine's Breakwater (no, you can't wander in, it's fenced off).
And finally, a little spot of remembrance.